What We do

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting Services

Organizing your transactions

We work with you to ensure that your bookkeeping and financial records are kept up to date. It is our goal to ensure that the information is accurate, based upon the information that you provide to us about your business. Using the Accrual or Cash Accounting method, we will take your transactions and ensure that they are properly categorized. This helps you understand how your business is performing and will highlight areas where your business performance could improve. 

Tax Preparation

Individual and Small Business tax returns prepared in a timely manner. We will ask you probing questions to ensure that we can find the deductions and credits you are entitled to.  Tax laws change every year. It is difficult to keep up with all of the changes that can affect you as an individual or your small business. Taking time with a qualified tax preparer will provide you with the best opportunity to maximize your credits and deductions and minimize your tax liabilities. 


With the financial information that we review together, we can help you select options that would be available to you and your business that can improve performance and profitability. Your accurate financial reports will be important when the time comes that you need to finance for expansion, or for the purchase of new equipment.